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  • Roger Stelljes

Pre-order: Their Lost Souls

Turning the key in the lock of the lakeside cabin, Ally puts her finger to her lips as her boyfriend laughs softly. Tonight it’s just the two of them.... or is it? (key up the mysterious and impending doom background music)

Book 6 in the Tori Hunter - Manchester Bay Mystery series is available on pre-order! It's been a labor of love and dogged determination writing books for the past ten years. My original self published series, the McRyan Mystery Series, has been downloaded over 2 million times. My new series was picked up by my publisher Bookouture and we are now six books into this series with another three to come! This is my favorite cover so far for the series. Manchester Bay is a fictional town in lake country in Minnesota (think Brainerd Lakes area) where the mysteries seem to never end. Tori Hunter is as feisty as ever and Braddock is there solving mysteries as well. If you've read my McRyan series, I think you will get a kick out of this series as well. It is available on Amazon and also in Kindle Unlimited. Hit pre-order and it will arrive automatically to your device on release day. See you between the pages...

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